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By: Richard | November 30, 2016


A Guide To Race is an illustrated colouring book that takes a satirical view of race and inflammatory identity politics. 

I produced the book in 2008 during my Diploma in Design as a printed book and 'activity pack' which contained T-Shirts and crayons for the colouring book. At the time, it was received as a strange subject to tackle but in the current climate I hope it may be better understood.

The concept was inspired my personal observations of attitudes in Britain predating 2008 and by my long running interest in various ‘hate’ groups from White Nationalists, like the BNP (British National Party), Neo-Nazis and the KKK, to The Nation of Islam and a lot of other extremist and fanatical groups - from the ridiculous to the genocidal. Mainly groups who exploit pseudo-science, manipulated history, myth, politics, militaristic posturing, faith, fear, class and race to create a divisive Frankenstein's monster of an ideology - with an eye on power! The content in the book should be as contrary and confusing as I find those groups to be. 

The imagery is inspired by Charles Darwin, Nazi caricatures of ethnic groups and anti-Mexican caricatures from the USA, but executed in a clean contemporary design style.

Also I have always had an interest in how decent ordinary people, who would not consider themselves zealots, fanatical, hateful, bigoted or violent, could allow themselves to be provoked into genocidal levels of violence and transgress even their own values.

The central fictional character in A Guide to Race is George Holloway. He has no past and his persona is a media construct, he is literally ‘hollow’, chosen as an every-man style front-man by some unnamed ‘hate’ group. With a lucrative contract, a rather anonymous global communications and advertising network, known as The Octagon, have developed a multi-faceted cross-platform commercial strategy to promote their views. One of the products they distribute is A Guide to Race (the Colouring Book). The brief is: infiltrate the education system and use entertainment media to indoctrinate children with a twisted, nihilistic ideology when they are young and impressionable.

My original A Guide To Race project also included a box of crayons and a T-shirt - a regular party pack of child friendly bigotry!

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