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Two Dead Boys is the debut novel by Richard KF Gosling, As gun crime in London grows out of control, the all- powerful Financial Sector resort to implementing martial law under the American-led Joint Peace Keeping Force. A British Army Captain, Huntingdon, is recruited from his recovery bed to hunt and kill a revolutionary conspirator known only as the Shadow Prime Administrator. The Captain’s hunt through the City State of London brings him into violent conflict with underworld killers Castle and Cregan and the Shadow Prime Administrator’s drug-addicted cult of followers who have infiltrated all strata's of society, including Parliament, the Metropolitan Police and Military. The City is about to descend into mayhem.

Available in both paperback and kindle editions.

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A Guide to Race - Amazon Kindle

Upcoming Books


Landscape picture book. The unassuming Steve goes on an epic journey to find his partners missing daughter.

"Home Invasion"

Black and white Science Fiction alien invasion comic set amongst the UK underclass.

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